15CM Original Japanese Style Burnt Basque Cheesecake
This cake is the beginning of our 15CM brand and the most popular product. The concept of our 'Original Japanese Style Basque Cheesecake' came from our desire to make the taste of Japanese cheesecake even better with the richness of...
from $38.00

15CM Premium Japanese Tea Set - 6 flavours
It is our pleasure to present this tea collection to all the green tea lovers out there! Good cheesecake needs good tea, yes? :) You will not be disappointed by our tea collection!  Don't forget to choose your cheesecake! Our selected Japanese Tea collection includes: ...

French Earl Grey Cheesecake
Introducing “French Earl Grey Cheesecake”, our original bergamot blend, composed of an exquisite organic Ceylon tea and bergamot oil with gentle touch of apricot mango cornflowers & rose flowers. Enjoy this elegant French Earl Grey Cheesecake flavour and fragrance that...
from $45.00
Fresh Tahitian Lime Cheesecake
It’s refreshing and tangy. Using all the zest and the juicy vesicles of Tahitian limes, this cheesecake is for the citrus lovers. With added layers of sweetness and tang, it’s a cheesecake with a bang!  ...and on top of all...
from $39.00
Genmai Green Tea Bag (4g x 2pcs)
Genmai-cha Tea Bags (4g x 2pcs) Genmai means roasted brown rice which is blended with our Shizuoka Sencha. Refreshing, popcorn like aroma and flavour. We have doubled the standard tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables...
Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea Bag (3g x 2pcs)
Hojicha Tea Bags (3g x 2pcs) Hojicha is Japanese roasted green tea harvested in autumn. It is high roasted to 180c and almost decaf. Traditionally an after dinner tea, enjoy the roasted nutty, caramelised aroma. These nylon tea bags can...

Hōjicha Milk Tea Cheesecake
Hōjicha is a traditional Japanese tea with distinctive ‘roasted’ aroma (香ばしさ) that brings moment of peace and relaxation into Japanese everyday life. It reenergises our soul to appreciate simple things in life. At Fifteen Centimetres, we have created ‘Hōjicha Milk...
from $45.00
Kyoho Grape Sencha Tea Bag (4g x 2pcs)
Japanese grape "Kyoho" sencha teabags Refreshing Japanese summer grape ("Kyoho") aroma infused with our Shizuoka sencha. All of our tea bags are double the standard weight which means you can refill the pot! Can be cold or hot brewed. Recommend...
Lunar New Year Special - Kinako Mochi Basque Cheesecake
Kinako - the roasted soybean flour is popularly used in a lot of Japanese desserts. Not only it has many health benefits from soybeans, but Kinako also has one-of-a-kind flavour; its nutty and has similar kind of roasted peanut or...
Original Japanese Custard Pudding Cheesecake
This Japanese custard pudding cheesecake is wonderfully luscious and creamy. This is a combination of Japanese silky pudding (called "purin") and our creamy basque cheesecake with a layer of semi-burnt caramel sauce on top. This cannot go wrong, right?? This is a smooth and creamy custard...

Premium Drip Coffee Bag - "CINAMON(シナモン)" HONEY (2 bags)
We love coffee... love its beautiful smell, love the grinding process, love the sound of water dripping from the grind coffee, love the whole experience! And, that's why we had to find the perfect coffee to present to our foodie gangs! This amazing...
Shizuoka Sencha Green Tea Bag (4g x 2pcs)
Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bags (4g x 2pcs) We have doubled the standard 2g tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables you to refill! Shizuoka is our hometown famous for Japanese green tea. These nylon tea...
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