Shizuoka Sencha Green Tea Bag (4g x 2pcs)
Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bags (4g x 2pcs) We have doubled the standard 2g tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables you to refill! Shizuoka is our hometown famous for Japanese green tea. These nylon tea...

Single Origin "Yame" Matcha Cheesecake
This cheesecake has the textures of our 15CM cheesecake infused with the flavours of umami-rich matcha green tea. We have selected a “Single Origin” matcha from Yame, located in the west of Fukuoka Prefecture - one of the oldest tea...
from $45.00
Strawberry Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea (2pcs)
Strawberry Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea (3g x 2pcs) Roasted Japanese green tea infused with strawberry. Enjoy the decaf after dinner tea with the aroma of fresh strawberries. All of our tea bags are double the standard weight so you can...
White Peach Oolong Tea Bag (2pcs)
Japanese White Peach blended with Taiwan Oolong tea Aromatic, fruity and refreshing. Both hot and cold brew! Or even enjoy it as a milk tea! White Peach Oolong Tea Bag (2.5g x 2pcs) Origin This premium tea is from a family...

Wild Berries Chocolate Cheesecake
An upgraded version of our popular perfect Blend chocolate cheesecake! chocolate cheesecake added with Belgian dark couverture chocolate (54.5%) blended with premium milk chocolate at our perfect ratio, mix with wild blueberries and raspberries to add a hint of sourness and...
from $40.00
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