Individual Japanese Style Custard Purin Cheesecake Box - 4 Flavours

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This Japanese custard purin cheesecake is wonderfully luscious and creamy. This is a combination of Japanese silky pudding (called "purin") and our creamy basque cheesecake with a layer of semi-burnt caramel sauce on top. This cannot go wrong, right?

This time we have made the smaller size come true! you get to try 4 different flavours in one go! they are

- Our famous original custard purin cheesecake with burnt caramel sauce (100ml)

- Matcha custard purin cheesecake with burnt caramel sauce (100ml)

- Chocolate custard purin cheesecake with salted caramel sauce (100ml)

- Hojicha custard purin cheesecake with burnt caramel sauce (100ml)

all in one box!

100% Gluten Free

Delivered In Gift Box
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