Single Origin "Yame" Matcha Cheesecake

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This cheesecake has the textures of our 15CM cheesecake infused with the flavours of umami-rich matcha green tea. We have selected a “Single Origin” matcha from Yame, located in the west of Fukuoka Prefecture - one of the oldest tea producing regions in Japan. Compared to other matcha from regions like Uji and Kagoshima, Yame matcha has the perfect balance of umami with sweetness, bitterness, and a vivid matcha colour when baked.

 ...and on top of all that, our cheesecakes are absolutely Gluten Free!

**There will be discolouration for all the tea flavour cheesecakes (Tea oil reacts to the aluminium cake tin), it is not harmful for the body. all the cakes are freshly baked so please enjoy regardless.

Please note all the cheesecakes are handmade, the actual product may look different from the photo.

Contains Dairy 

Matching tea

Kyoho Grape Sencha Tea

Strawberry Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea

100% Gluten Free

Delivered In Gift Box
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