Premium Drip Coffee Bag - "CINAMON(シナモン)" HONEY (2 bags)

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We love coffee... love its beautiful smell, love the grinding process, love the sound of water dripping from the grind coffee, love the whole experience! And, that's why we had to find the perfect coffee to present to our foodie gangs! This amazing coffee is designed for those who enjoy any type of coffee as well as those who enjoys brewed coffee. It's unarguably the best drip coffee bag Sydney can offer. Thanks to the master roaster Takumi for making this real! Hope it bring you more than a cup of happiness!


The coffee bean is sourced personally by Takumi Sakamoto who has been travelling around the world to find the finest coffee beans. Takumi is an award winning coffee roaster based in Sydney who is passionate about extracting true flavours from coffee beans using his roasting techniques. He fine-tuned the "recipe" for the drip coffee bag so that our customers can taste the high quality coffee without going through the complex brewing process. 

Roaster Notes: 

Roaster Name: Takumi Sakamoto
Awards: Australian Coffee Roasting Champion 2019
Title: Founder of BRUT coffee

Coffee Notes: 

Country: Columbia
Farmer: Jairo Arcilla
Farm: Villarazo
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Cinnamon Honey
Region: Quindio, Armenia

Tasting Notes: 

Roast degree: Columbia
Flavour: Cinnamon, Honey, Cherry
Acidity: 5/5
Body: 5/5
Sweetness: 5/5
Balance: 4/5

*Limited quantity of 200 (400 bags total)

*11g each bag

100% Gluten Free

Delivered In Gift Box
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